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Discover the regenerative leader in you
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Ready to use your leadership greater good?


  1. Are you a purpose-led entrepreneur, thought leader, community leader, or organisation leader striving to create better value for and with others?
  2. Are curious, open minded and welcoming change?
  3. Do you have the will and capacity to support other leaders on their regenerative leadership journey?
  4. Are you ready to foster the bonds with self, other and nature?
  5. Do you have a leadership story?

If you can answer yes to most of the statements above, then this RA community is for you?


Discover the regenerative leader in you


The second step in the onboarding journey to ally-ship serves to help you and your potential Regenerative Allies discover more about you. For doing so we have have two support tools that were developed by Regenerative Alliance partners.

The first tool is the Regenerative Leader Mirror to help you as a leader reflect more deeply about your relationship with self, other and our living systems.

The second is the Regenerative Contribution Compass to help you as a leader gain more insights on your prefered participation logic within this community.

By completing both tools it will enable us to have a deeper and warmer onboarding dialogue with you. Thank you


Select a funding plan for your ally-ship


As a final onboarding step we need to define the funding of your ally-ship.

We have developed 4 formats. All formats give you access to our Online Directory, Venture Circles, Roundtables and grants you access to register for the Leaders Circles



Annual contribution of 250 euros.


Full year friends pack of 4

An annual contribution of 900 euros.


Give what you can

The third funding pack is the Give what you can pact. This ally-ship format is more intended for younger regenerative leaders starting a regenerative business.


Donate for diversity

The fourth funding format is the donation pack for greater diversity. Several of our community allies have stepped up to want to donate beyond their individual leadership packs by donating for the ally-ship of leaders who are coming from countries and sectors that are resource scarce. If you want to know more about how to participate and Donate for.

Let us know which ally-ship format best serves you!


Craft your pact for triple impact


Welcome to RA!

Why not craft your Pact for Triple Impact?
This can be done several months later when you feel ready to do so. We see that crafting your Pact for triple impact is a good habit of commitment and support for others and oneself. Best is if you can capture your Pact for Triple Impact on paper, audio or turn it into a video so it can serve to inspire others too.

Discover some examples of how other allies have made their Pact for Triple Impact and give it go.

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